We Are Here To Empower Content Marketers to Work Better Together.

For years content marketing has been a growing topic in the marketing industry. How do you keep up with all the new stuff? Live streaming, marketing automation, social media, mobile, intelligent content, personalization, storytelling, instructional design, video, communities and so on…

To be honest, we can’t do it all on our own anymore, not even with more people in our traditional team approaches. We need to think in different ways to be constantly up to date and be able to work with the specialists we need. It’s time to reinvent the way we as marketers work together!

It’s time for a digital place where we all can connect, communicate & collaborate. Beyond the boundaries of our own organizations, projects and geographies!

The founders of Content Marketing Minds

Josh Miles
Josh MilesFounder
Josh Miles is a caffeine and Twitter addict, and the principal and founder of Miles Design. He was honored as one of Indianapolis Business Journal’s 2013 40 Under 40. Josh is also the author of Bold Brand: The New Rules for Differentiating, Branding, and Marketing Your Professional Services Firm. His expertise is highly sought after by professional services firms from coast to coast.
Michiel Schoonhoven
Michiel SchoonhovenFounder
Michiel Schoonhoven has a passion for combining content marketing, social business, and accountability to help his clients drive results. Michiel has been working with professional services firms in the Netherlands for many years to help subject matter experts create customer engagement and deepen relationships through content marketing. As an early adopter of content marketing and marketing automation, Michiel has helped his clients continually enrich their consumer profiles, so that they’re able to share the most relevant content. Michiel lives in the Netherlands.

We first met in 2011 during the first Content Marketing World event. Four years in a row we had a great time during Content Marketing World. In 2014 we shared our thoughts about the next steps in content marketing and we imagined working together. Some time later the idea of Content Marketing Minds was born. Content Marketing Minds has been launched at Content Marketing World 2015.